A. Bernadette

A. Bernadette works with artisans in Uganda creating items from recycled materials. Bags made from plastic packing straps, bracelets made from plastic bags, and jewelry made from paper are apart of the collection. Visit Abernadette.com.

A. Bernadette LLC

We work with artisans in Uganda to design and create accessories and bone goods from recycled and natural materials. We mix artisans' traditional weaving skills and designs with waste and natural materials to create unique, vibrant products. abernadette.com


Amaki specializes in handmade accessories for the home and body. We've taken traditional and ethnic design from South America and given it a modern twist.


Richly hued winter accessories for home and body made of soft Alpaca, wool, and silk. Some items include scarves, hats, gloves, socks, and blankets. amakistudio.com


Amaki strives to offer modern ethnic accessories that are ethically made in Peru.

Artikal Handcrafted Millinery

Artikal Handcrafted Millinery is based in the East Village and has been making vintage inspired headwear for 11 years. We also teach millinery, crochet and sewing classes in our studio.  www.artikal.com

Artikal Handcrafted Millinery

Artikal handcrafted millinery makes Vintage inspired hand blocked velour hats, Hand woven summer straw hats, Hand crocheted knits ,Couture bridal and fascinators.All headwear is made is locally made in the East Village but has been worn from the Royal wedding to ascot.You can view us online at www.artikal.com

Artisanal Yarns

I've invented a machine that creates yarns from several strands of yarns and I make yarns before your very eyes. I use commercial yarns that would otherwise go into the landfills.  www.facebook.com/artisanalyarns

Bead Biz

Bead Biz : Where the Fiber World gets Beads! Beads, patterns, kits, tools and helpful advice for knitting, crochet, spinning and all things fiber with beads. beadbiz.org


Inspired by nature, color, texture, textiles, and the fluidity of metal, BialoPadinDesigns specializes in handmade jewelry and accessories. including pennanular brooches, fibulas and shawl pins. Commissions are welcome. bialopadindesigns.com.


Brooklyn-based jewelry, including handmade shawl/hair pins and bracelets. Organic in shape, my pieces conjure up images of crumpled fabric and pools of yarn. Please visit my website: www.bialopadindesigns.com


Brooklyn-based unique handmade jewelry and accessories inspired by textiles, textures and organic shapes found in nature; also artwork using joomchi (traditional Korean paper-making, using mulberry paper). bialopadindesigns.com

Black Diamond Alpacas

I am an alpaca and angora goat fiber farmer specializing in inspiring and enabling fiber enthusiasts to purchase fiber direct from the farm, while sharing the farming experience.

Blind Buck Farm

We raise Leicester Longwool and Merino sheep; Angora goats and rabbits. We dye our own yarn using non-toxic, metal-free dyes. We practice sustainable and natural farming methods. In addition, we feature knitting needles and accessories produced in the US. Our mission is "back to the land" and "buy local".  www.blindbuckfarm.com

Blind Buck Farm

Natural fiber and produce farm in upstate NY. Merino, Leicester Longwool, Mohair and Angora. We dye our own yarn using non-toxic, metal-free dyes. blindbuckfarm.com

CarmenMae Designs

CarmenMae Designs is a Brooklyn based company specializing in one-of-a-kind children's & adults knit hats, cowls and snoods.

Carmen Mae Designs

Carmen Mae Designs is a Brooklyn based company specializing in hats, scarves and cowls. Most of the pieces we sell are not only beautiful but also practical and in most cases versatile. Like our Dos Partas, a 2-piece cowl that can be worn as a double layered cowl or detached for use as a cowl and a head cover.

CarmenMae Designs

CarmenMae Designs is a Brooklyn based small brand that focuses mainly on one-of-a-kind, multi-functional knit pieces. There is the "WORM", which is a sleeve for your neck that can worn loose as a cowl or pulled up over your head like a hood and is unisex. There is the Neckband that converts from an ascot to a headband and much more.

Cobble Hill Candles

Cobble Hill Candles offers a delicate combination of small batch, all natural, environmentally friendly, hand poured candles while infusing intense aromas to conjure an escape from reality. www.cobblehillcandles.com

Crafty Primate

Crafty Primate is a small Brooklyn manufacturer of premium specialty foods. We focus on traditions of naturally fermenting and preserving foods that are healthy and delicious. CraftyPrimate.com

Felt Like Sisters

A cooperative of creative craftswomen from the southern Appalachians, offering a variety of handmade items for home and person.

Felt Like Sisters

A variety of handmade items - ranging from felted & knitted clothing & accessories for body & home to pottery items.

Felt Like Sisters

We are a creative cooperative of cottage craftswomen, all working from our homes in the Southern highlands, producing a variety of fiberarts and fiber related accessories for home and person.

Festival Schedule

Stay tuned for 2017 Festival Schedule. Here is what happened in 2016: Saturday, October 8, 2016 10 am - 6 pm 11 am  Arm Knitting The new craze is Arm Knitting and we love it. Join us for our free work shop-- all you need are your two arms and some chunky yarn. Arm knitting creates a big and loopy fabric for your autumn fashion accessories. Mix multiple stands of your favorite colors together to create a unique palette of colors. Instructor: Sara Stopek   Yarn Sponsor: lion_brand_logo_color_MidSize Visit us at www.lionbrandyarnstudio.com to learn about our Lion Brand Yarn Studio group and private classes. Starting at 1 pm Spin City Fleece to Shawl Demo The Spin City fleece-to-shawl team is practicing for a competition to be held this fall at the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival, Rhinebeck, NY, Sunday.  Our team lives or works in and around New York City.  We share a love for fiber and textiles.  In our free time, we meet regularly and prepare fiber, spin yarn, knit, crochet or weave.  We will card the washed fleece by hand, spin it on our wheels, and weave it on the loom.  The loom has been threaded in advance with handspun warp.  The entire process, from washed fleece to woven 18” x 72” shawl, will be completed in three hours. We hope.         All Day Activities throughout the day will also include music, hand spinning/dyeing, how to raise and care for animals, and how to care for raw denim, and more....                      

Granola Lab

Granola Lab is a small-batch granola company based in Brooklyn. Our unique inventions are all-natural, preservative-free, and include many organic ingredients. Never too sweet, Granola Lab varieties are bold, super flavorful, and full of healthy nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. granolalab.com

Groovy Hues Fibers, LLC

We aim to delight fiber artists with unique, gorgeous hand-dyed yarn and spinning fiber. The whole groovy spectrum is embraced, from super earthy and spiritual, to eye-popping psychedelic neon brights. groovyhues.etsy.com

Gurdy Run Woolen Mill

We are a family run Fiber Mill that offers custom processing as well as yarn, felt, roving & core spun from our animals, and spinning wheels & other tools for fiber artists.  www.gurdyrun.com

Humdinger alpacas

Hand knit Alpacas products and apparel. Natural alpaca yarn and raw fiber Also blankets , socks , hats and gloves , scarfs , hand knits, scarfs, infant sweaterss , fingerless gloves and much more come visit our booth. www.humdingeralpacas.com

HumDinger Alpacas

Small Alpaca farm and breeder produce natural fiber and yarn. Also hand made infant and adult garments and felted catnip mice.  Visit our website Humdingeralpacas.com

Ideuma Creek Alpacas

Ideuma Creek is one of the oldest and largest alpaca farms in New York. Our 140 acre farm is the home to nearly 100 alpacas, and we harvest close to 1000 pounds of fleece each year.  www.icalpacas.com

JackPie Fiber

We use fine wool fiber blended with alpaca and silk and make bats for spinning yarn and produce our own hand spun yarn and woven scarves. www.jackpie.etsy.com

Jane’s Knitting Kits

Jane's Knitting Kits is a specially curated collection of hand knitting kits. Knitters of every ability will be able to find a project to get their needles clicking. Specializing in luxury and sustainable fibers. janesknittingkits.com

justineanne llc

Bohemian inspired wearable art pieces and tapestries. DYI felting kits for felted soaps, hand dyed & hemmed habotai silk nuno kits, and Felt Rescue kits. www.justineanne.com

Lambstrings Yarn

Lambstrings Yarn provides quality hand dyed yarns and accessories to fiber artists of all genres. We utilize a wide variety of dyeing methods to achieve colorways that are both unique and beautiful. Lambstrings.etsy.com

Looliemom Fiber Arts

I enjoy being a part of a collaborative creative process. When I sell my hand-dyed fibers and yarns, my creations then become part of someone else’s creativity and part of a bigger “picture”.  www.looliemomfiberarts.com

Made with Ease

With Ease is a family company that sells special handmade goods. Currently, children's aprons are our thing. They are a useful and beautiful accessory. From pattern to stitches, we create it start to finish in Brooklyn, NY. etsy.com/shop/MadeWithEase

nuna knits

NUNA KNITS is a life style experience of locally sourced yarns, hand spinning, manufactured farm 2 fashion sourced garments, socks and wool accessories. NUNA KNITS also curates vintage woolens of wool and cashmere from the mid-century (1940's-1960's) trend, vintage buttons made from natural components of leather, mother of pearl, animal horn, exotic woods, etc., vintage knitting needles from the 1920's and NUNA'S own brand of knitting needle tools. PEGGIE EHLERS is the creative inspiration behind NUNA KNITS. As a maker of yarn, her world is enveloped with knitting, researching trends, spinning, teaching, and creating breed specific blended yarns/garments for the Nuna brand, private industry designers and farmers. "NUNA" is a native American name meaning "of the land". All plants and animals depend on this land for food and nourishment, while farmers plant, harvest and steward the land. From the grasses and forbs that nourish animal fleeces they forever share, know that you will be supporting the growing desire to buy local and buy natural. nunaknits.com

nuna knits

nuna's own brand of yarns, garments, knitting needles, alpaca socks, shawl pins, NEW wetherbie wool washvintage restored blankets, cashmere.  nunaknits.com

nuna knits

FARM TO FASHION...MADE IN THE USA “NUNA” is a native American name meaning “OF THE LAND”. All plants and animals depend on this land for food and nourishment. While farmers plant, harvest and steward the land. From the grasses and forbs that nourish animal fleeces they forever share…know that you will be supporting the growing desire to BUY LOCAL and BUY NATURAL. PEGGIE EHLERS is the creative inspiration behind NUNA KNITS. As a maker of yarn of all things wool, her world is enveloped with knitting, researching trends, spinning, teaching, and creating breed specific blended yarns/garments for the Nuna brand, private industry designers and farmers. What distinguishes Peggie from others in this profession of expertise is her ability and passion to bridge the farm to fashion trend. This bridge has been achieved through the history of the world’s plant and animal fibers, art and science of hand spinning and composing a wool education program for children. This knowledge along with a 2009 ASI wool classer certification enables Peggie to design products from specific wool breed types and plant varieties that incorporate all that we live with in fashion and life style.  www.nunaknits.com

Oink Pigments

Est. 2010. Purveyor of small-batch, indie-dyed yarns made by a trio of strong-willed women who love pigs, puns, and purls. Bright, playful yarns & fibers 100% USA made from sheep to shelf.   www.oinkpigments.com

Okos Farm Fiber

Glad to be back. Last year was great - hand washed, dyed...spun yarn, dye batts, knitted items.  Alpaca, different wools, mohair from local farms, sheep and wool festivals, and friends with fleece - love and happiness goes in all my work.  Bamboo, angora, angelina may be added for texture.  My fiber is used to knit, felt, crochet, weave - or just wear as is.

Purl Pointe

We carry the full line of HiyaHiya needles, and beautiful yarn from Anzula, Malabrigo, Madelinetosh, and Purl Pointe Cashmere. New in Summer 2016: Signature Needle Arts, we will have Convertibles and DPNs. purlpointe.com.

Queen Bee Fibers

My name is Lexi Parisse and I'm a fiber artist and beekeeper. I want to not only create and sell beautiful fiber and bee related products but I want to educate people on bees and the fiber arts as well. www.queenbeefibers.com

Queen Bee Fibers

My name is Lexi Parisse and I'm a fiber artist and beekeeper. I want to not only create and sell beautiful fiber and bee related products but I want to educate people on bees and the fiber arts as well. www.queenbeefibers.com

Rebecca Daryl

One of a kind hand woven modern jewelry, wall hangings and other fiber and material home accessories made in Brooklyn, NY. I hand make all of my goods in my Brooklyn studio. All of my necklaces are hand woven with fine yarns on metal findings on a frame loom. All of my woven wall hangings are hand woven on either a frame loom or my large floor loom. All of my art and jewelry is hand made with heart and soul. You get to see where my head is, how my train of thought works, and what my interests are. You won't find anything mass produced-each piece is one of a kind. I love natural processes of accumulation, growth and repetition and try to emulate that through my art. I love bringing these ideas into wearable and household goods. Most of all, I love making and I love sharing my work with others through as many paths as possible. rebeccadaryl.etsy.comrebeccadarylsmith.com

Reflections at Roclans

Hand dyed and natural combed top, roving, and yarns.  Raw fleeces from our Cormo, Border Leicester, and Natural Colored fine wool sheep.  Artisan orifice hooks for spinning wheels.  http://www.roclans.com

River Valley Farm

River Valley Farm raises Cotswold sheep for their lustrous, long locks of wool in Pittsfield, MA in the heart of the beautiful Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts utilizing organic and biodynamic methods that sustain our flocks, our land and ourselves. My flock of Cotswold sheep share their long lustrous, curly locks with me twice a year. They grow a great quantity of wool. The sheep are protected from danger by their companion llamas. "The boys," as they are referred to, give us their warm and lofty llama fleeces only once a year. "My girls," live a life of ease eating grass, herbs and forbes from the first greening in spring until the last leaf has blown away in fall. Fresh mountain spring water quenches their thirst and shade trees abound in their pastures; some dropping sweet apples in the fall. Winters are spent lazing around eating the grass hay we have harvested on the farm, chewing their cud, frolicking in the snow and waiting for the warm breath of spring to fill the air. I personally hand wash every fleece and use mineral, plant and insect dyes to achieve my broad palette of color. My goats give us lovely sweet milk and always more than we can use. Not wanting to waste a drop, I turn the excess into soap. Goat milk soap is super moisturizing and very gentle for use on delicate skin. Please visit my website to see some pictures of the sheep and goats I spend my days with and the shows I travel to. rivervalleyfarm.org

Rosehaven Alpacas Inc

Rosehaven Alpacas: over 100 alpacas along with a fiber fanatics mill. We make roving, batts, and core yarn, Our specialty is dyeing and color. Hand knitting from NY state artisans.  rosehavenalpacas.com

Shelterwood Farm

Shelterwood Farm is a small farm located in Pennington, NJ We make our yarns from our handspinners flock of Romney and Coopworth sheep breeds. Our sheep are shorn once a year in the spring by a local shearer. We then skirt, wash, dye, drumcard, and handspin our fleeces. A few of the fleeces are sent to a local mill to be made into roving. We dye locks and roving in crockpots on the back porch. Sometimes we blend in mohair, llama, alpaca, silk, bamboo, sparkle or other add-ins for interest. All our yarns and roving are labeled with the first name of the sheep and the last name is their breed. Our sheep are raised with love and care.

Signature Needle Arts

Luxury boutique knitting needle manufacturer located in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Our sleek and stunning knitting needles are crafted of solid aluminum. We offer a lifetime warranty on all our needles. signatureneedlearts.com

Spin City

The Spin City Meetup group was founded in 2007 by Donna Panner, spinning teacher and fanatic, as a result of her interest in making yarn with hand spindles and spinning wheels. The group has almost 300 members of all skill levels and typically meets once a week for lively conversation about all things related to fiber arts, sharing of knowledge about yarn creation, and informal spinning instruction. Their meetings are held in public spaces, parks and restaurants around the city, and the group was featured in the New York Times on July 27, 2010 in a Nocturnalist article by Sarah Maslin Nir (see article, attached) after a meetup at the Highline Park. Recent events included the World Wide Spin in Public Day (WWSIP), held in Central Park. In a previous year, WWSIP took place on Pier I overlooking the Hudson River, with a majestic view of the City for all the participating spinners. The group has been represented at the Spring and Fall Sheep Shearing at Queens Farm, and often gets together for an evening of dinner and fiber shopping on the Upper West Side at The Yarn Company. For more information, go to www.meetup.com and search for Spin City. We’d love to see you at a meet up.

The Yarnit

I invented and manufacture an brilliant new yarn accessory called the yarnit. It protects your yarn from dirt and grime. Keeps it by your side and away from pets. We are 100% American Made and virtually indestructible. Check us out. Kate  theyarnit.com

Utopia Bath, Ltd

Artisanal Skincare - Hand Crafted - formulated using Fiber ingredients: Silk, Lanolin, Goat's Milk, Roving, Cashmere, etc in a luxurious assortment of All Natural Bar and Liquid Soaps, Lotions, Creams, Salves, Felted Soaps, etc.... utopiabathltd.etsy.com

Utopia Bath, Ltd

Utopia Bath, Ltd...begin the journey: lather, soak, soothe. Artisanal Skincare: Custom formulated, small batch blended and packaged by hand. Lanolin and Goat's Milk, bar soaps, felted soaps, liquid soaps, lotions and more. www.utopiabathltd.etsy.com

Winter’s Past Farm

Fiber fresh from the farm! Our NJ flock of Coopworth sheep is a productive bunch. Roving and locks, yarn, wool insoles and pelts and pet toys, all 100% wool, are just a few of the products we offer, along with needlefelting and kumihimo kits and supplies. www.winterspastfarm.com

Winter’s Past Farm

We are sheep farmers in the heart of central NJ.  Our products include beautiful hand-spun and millspun yarn, natural and hand-dyed rovings, woolen gifts, sheepskins, and felting materials. http://winterspastfarm.com

Winter’s Past Farm

Fiber fresh from the farm! Our NJ flock of Coopworth sheep is a productive bunch. Roving and locks, yarn, wool insoles and pelts and pet toys, all 100% wool, are just a few of the products we offer. www.winterspastfarm.com

woolcrofts fibre studio

Raw Fibre, hand spun yarn, hand dyed yarn, hand made project bags, needle felting kits, hand painted needlepoint and rug hooking canvases

WoolCrofts fibre studio

Designer of hand made and hand dyed art yarns, hand knitting/crocheting yarn, roving, batts and wool jewelry - also some hand made sweaters, shawls and apparel all from natural local sources - website in the making will soon be up.