River Valley Farm

River Valley Farm raises Cotswold sheep for their lustrous, long locks of wool in Pittsfield, MA in the heart of the beautiful Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts utilizing organic and biodynamic methods that sustain our flocks, our land and ourselves.

My flock of Cotswold sheep share their long lustrous, curly locks with me twice a year. They grow a great quantity of wool. The sheep are protected from danger by their companion llamas. “The boys,” as they are referred to, give us their warm and lofty llama fleeces only once a year.

“My girls,” live a life of ease eating grass, herbs and forbes from the first greening in spring until the last leaf has blown away in fall. Fresh mountain spring water quenches their thirst and shade trees abound in their pastures; some dropping sweet apples in the fall. Winters are spent lazing around eating the grass hay we have harvested on the farm, chewing their cud, frolicking in the snow and waiting for the warm breath of spring to fill the air.

I personally hand wash every fleece and use mineral, plant and insect dyes to achieve my broad palette of color.
My goats give us lovely sweet milk and always more than we can use. Not wanting to waste a drop, I turn the excess into soap. Goat milk soap is super moisturizing and very gentle for use on delicate skin.

Please visit my website to see some pictures of the sheep and goats I spend my days with and the shows I travel to. rivervalleyfarm.org